• To play a setting that has the ‘original’ Gods, Monsters and Heroes! But I am no historian so it will inevitably be a mash-up of the cool stuff that I’ve read and fun stuff I’ve made-up. Hopefully it will be a playable game set in a setting rich with colour and flavour, but not too dry – like a good white wine!

• Use a system that has the detail and flexibility to play the game I want (has to be BoL – but originally was going to be RQII). Distinct greek characters, quick play rules, fun combat with choices and some realism, and it’s gotta be fun to play!

• Common Magic: for everyone – from the Gods and Spirits.

• Divine Magic: for Priests and devoted lay people who have devoted themselves to one or more Gods.

• Spirit Magic: Soothsayer and Shaman who utilise and command spirits.

• Sorcery: Sorcerer, Warlock, Enchanter etc – a powerful ‘godless’ magic that is often feared and mistrusted.

• Detailed mythical beasts and some strange unique RQ one’s too (like the fabulous Broo!).

• A simple world that players know already but one of real historical depth and cultural complexity, which with a little research can be changed to suit the adventure, NPC’s and my scenario/campaign needs.

• Have a world with ‘active’ and ‘present’ Gods of vast power and fallibility that recognise and reward Heroes (the PC’s) with their favour and boon. Their plans and strategies are only ever partly understood by mortals.

• Intelligent races: Centaur, Satyr, Selini, Mere-folk, Cyclops etc.

• Interactions with Mythical/Historical characters, nations, places and events.

• Any scenario, with a little adaptation (change the names of people and locations, creatures and rewards), can be played without too much difficulty.

• I like the idea of them having something a bit special from the start – touched or gifted by their Watcher God: ‘Talents’ fit the bill! Perfect! 1 (or 2?) Heroic Powers related to their Watcher God. These can give then an exciting edge and they can always gain more powers later on by having to seek out a Master to train them or recover an artefact for their God (interesting scenarios).

• Do I need to allocate specific Powers to the Different Gods?

• Ref material on: terrain types with examples, architecture, dress, customs, trade & routes, weapons & armour, myths, important kings / characters / heroes, ship types – See my Amazon Basket.

Ref Material:

1. The Heroic Code Equation: Deeds + Glory + Prizes = Honour = Excellence (Ideally). This is not the modern version of a Hero.
2. Nice simple God descriptions.

Agon RPG
1. Simple God descriptions.
2. Island Generator.
3. Competitive Players who have to work together but also want individual Glory and recognition from their Patron God.
4. Greek Name List.

RM Classic Greece RPG (very good).
1. Detailed God descriptions.
2. Mythical Animals.
3. Greek Geography and History including detailed map of cities and islands.
4. Watcher/Hunter Gods.

Typhon Wargame:
1. Spells, ideas and atmosphere.

Trojan War D&D:
1. Gods section.
2. Piety Rules
Profession: Charioteer, Seer, etc

The New Argonauts
1. Very good monster descriptions.
2. Good brief God descriptions, genealogical god Maps.
3. Bloodlines
4. Culture
5. History
6. Running a Campaign

Gaming in RQ Greece PDf:
1. Character Professions/Types.
2. Weapons and Armour descriptions.

Mythic Greece

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