Prince Alexios

tall, fit, dark curls, clean shaven, brown eyes, handsome.


Name: Prince Alexios of Lokris

Watcher God: Apollo / Hunter God: Aphrodite

Might 1 / Grace 0 / Insight 1 / Appeal 2


1/ Noble 2
2/ Hipparchos 1
3/ Archer 1
4/ Philosopher 0

Talents, Boons and Flaws
Lucky Devil: may re-roll one dice roll per encounter.

Attractive: +2 when it matters.
Great Wealth: when in Lokris.

City Dweller: -2 to outdoor knowledge or survival.
Short Fuse: when insulted, embarrassed or frustrated.


Armour: Medium
(-1 Grace)

Xyston Horse Sword: (d8 / d6) (Finely Crafted)
Crescent Shield: (2 Parry)
Nomad Bow: (d6
1 / d6+1)
Knife: (d3 / d3)


Second Son of Eustathios, Lord of Opous and King of Lokris. He is devoted to Apollo and the ‘art of archery’. He is though Hunted by Aphrodite because of his pursuit, seduction and lack
of care for her priestess in her Temple in Lokris – he only lives because his beauty interests her. His ruthless and authoritarian father has trained his son well but Alexios’s considerable
carnal appetite causes him to think with his loins as often as his head. He is an elegant, privileged and spoilt young man whose short temper is all to often excused because of his high rank. But, it must also be said that Alexios is determined to make a name for himself as a hero of Lokris and has courage and determination in equal measure

Prince Alexios

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